Anna LeeChinese (Mandarin) tutor Native language: Chinese (Mandarin)

She teaches professionally: Chinese (Mandarin)

She also speaks: English

Currently lives in China

Main services: Chinese (Mandarin) and English lessons

Anna is a professional, enthusiastic, patient and easy going Mandarin teacher.  She is good at teaching conversational Chinese,  business Chinese, Chinese grammar and culture.  She has been teaching many people from all over the world  and gained a lot of great feedback from her students.

Anna likes teaching and learning different languages. So she chooses to teach the language she’s proficient at and tries to find the difference and sameness among different languages through learning other languages. She uses the simplest way to explain the language rules and then put the learners in a lot of common situations that they will face in daily life to practice the target language. Meanwhile, you will also acquaint yourself with the traditional Chinese culture.

She likes playing badminton, pingpong, swimming and watching movies. She enjoys teaching languages, communicating with different types of people and researching different cultures of the world.  She would like to teach Mandarin to as many people as she can so as to make Mandarin a very porpular language in the world and meanwhile teach Chinese people English so more and more Chinese people may open up and communicate with the world.

Evgenia loves teaching English. She considers this activity being the purpose of her life. Her motto is – “I want it and I get it!”

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