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Coach, Managing Director, Co-owner
Native language: Russian
Language for coaching: Russian, English
She also speaks: German, Italian (Beginner)
Currently lives in London, UK
Main services: Lingua-, Career and Life coaching 

«I have been driven most by two things in my life viz. self-development and learning foreign languages. I always wanted to connect my hobbies with my professional activity. As a result, Art of Learning Int Ltd. was established in Dec. 2011. I am very interested in educating our clients and friends about alternative ways to learn the foreign languages. Our clients learn new ways on how they can apply their foreign language knowledge, become more self-aware and resourceful in all spheres of life.»

Irina is a seasoned professional and has over 12 years work experience on the international level. Irina’s business career started in the education industry. Then, she worked in the banking industry for City Group in Moscow and in the telecoms industry in London. Now, she is back to the education business. Most importantly, she is firmly following the self-development and self-realisation path that allows her to share the experience with others to continue growing both personally and professionally.

Irina has a bachelor’s degree in business studies and finished successfully the special educational programme on HR management sponsored by the fund of the president of the Russian Federation. Also, she completed several courses in marketing, management, etc. In 2012 she received a diploma in Professional Coaching Skills from Coaching Development Ltd., London.

Currently, Irina is the co-owner of Art of Learning Int Ltd. and works as a Lingua-coach, mentor, and consultant.

She is focused on:

  • Helping clients to resolve psychological issues with learning a foreign language.
  • Coaching and consulting clients on self-development, life balance, and healthy life style matters.

She is interested in:

  • Self-development, learning foreign languages, reading books on ancient philosophy, yoga, Ayurveda, healthy eating, trekking and walking.

Regarding the education, I like the infamous saying of Leo Tolstoy, – 

 “The main business of any individual is to become better and better. Therefore, only the sciences conducive to self-bettering can be called good.”.

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