About us

Dear Friends,

The name of our company (i.e. Art of Learning Int Ltd.) implies that we help our clients to transform the learning process into an art, which makes it meaningful, enriching and enjoyable.

Art of Learning Int Ltd. is an international London-based organization that provides tuition, coaching and consulting services in 3 areas: learning languages, business and personal development.

In particular, we are providing career management, business communication skills development, life-, career- and lingua-coaching, language courses (individual and in groups) , intercultural training, etc. Our services comprise both an interactive online-learning experience and face-to-face modules with home-stay and language schools options internationally.

The corner stone of our business is making use of the experience and wisdom generated by our ancestors and practising this knowledge in contemporary circumstances by following one simple rule –“practice is the criterion of truth”.

Our approach

We emphasise the value of the practical experience when learning anything and languages in particular. We know that it is absolutely necessary for our clients to apply their theoretical knowledge to practice whenever and wherever they have chance doing it. By practice alone, our clients can get the real taste of applicable knowledge which may lead to understanding the studied subject in-depth.

For example, if a client from a foreign country wants to generate a CV in English to further use it for job application process in England, we provide the client with particular frameworks and templates of CVs widely adopted in England and ask the client to build his/her own CV in accordance with these commonly adopted frameworks. Then, we coach the client to assist him/her in honing their CV to the acceptable usability level. During the process, the client not only gets to know the frameworks and rules of the CV building process peculiar to England, but also expands his/her vocabulary, stretches his/her foreign language skills to the fullest, and gets the understanding of what does and does not work well in both CV building and subsequent job application process.

To get better and better is the obligation of every single individual. Therefore, only the sciences that facilitate the self-bettering process can be called the good sciences. Leo Tolstoy “The Way of Life”