About us

Art of Learning Int Ltd. is an international London-based organization that provides bespoke online languages courses with native speaking tutors of English and other languages via Skype and WebEx both in group and individual/private format for students aged 7-17 and their parents. Additionally, the company is the official agent of many language schools of such scope as Kaplan, Regent, St Giles, etc. in the UK and globally. Consequently, Art of Learning Int Ltd. offers a fully-fledged immersive language learning experience to its clientele.

The name of our company (i.e. Art of Learning Int Ltd.) implies that we help our clients to transform the learning process into an art, which makes it meaningful, enriching and enjoyable.

Our approach

  1. We select and train our tutors to provide best-in-class, bespoke group and individual/private online language learning experience to our clients.
  2. We are powered by Skype and WebEx to create an immersive and interactive language learning atmosphere. Learning languages must be fun and is always an exciting journey for our students.
  3. We provide a rich variety of language school placements both in the UK and globally through our wide partnerships network, which allows us to cater to any demanding needs of our clients.
  4. We are a 2-in-1 and one-stop-shop language learning service provider. Our clients do not look any further, as they are fully assured of our capability to satisfy their needs at all times.

In order to stay ahead in the game, we always strive to better ourselves and our services.

To get better and better is the obligation of every single individual. Therefore, only the sciences that facilitate the self-bettering process can be called the good sciences. Leo Tolstoy “The Way of Life”