Lady Language Tutors

We are looking for professional language tutors (any languages), who believe that self-development process can help in learning languages.

Personal Qualities:

passionate about language tuition, with personal successful experience in learning foreign languages.


We are the international organization built with the sole purpose of assisting people to develop their skills in various spheres of life and in learning languages in particular. We are not innovating and “re-inventing a wheel”. The corner stone of our business is making use of the experience and wisdom generated by our ancestors and practising this knowledge in contemporary circumstances by following one simple rule –“practice is the criterion of truth”.

Learning is a life-long process. The process of obtaining true knowledge is the authentic “soup” for the soul.  Our task is to create the favourable conditions for promoting self-learning and self-awareness, structuring all aspects of life, nurturing talent, studying languages and traditions of many countries by combining the efforts of all stakeholders in the learning process viz. customers, partners, coaches and business administrators. As a result, this may lead all participants in the process to realizing the fundamental values in life and attaining inner harmony.

Role Purpose

To provide professional and comprehesive language tuition to Art of Learning Int Ltd. clientele according with organization’s strategic vision, mission, values and specific requirements.

Personal Qualities                   

  • Open-minded, flexible, and willing to learn new things, develop as a person, share and implement creative ideas.
  • Passionate about tuition.
  • Able to build constructive rapport with clients and other main stakeholders quickly and effectively.
  • Proficient in planning, setting clear and structured objectives, and driving through deliverables/expected results for each course per client.
  • Highly adaptive to changing and challenging environment.
  • Persuasive, demanding and yet flexible in one’s tuition approach.
  • Personal successful experience in learning foreign languages.
  • Formally qualified/educated to a degree level as a language instructor with at least couple of years working experience with demanding clients.
  • Formal qualification/education in philosophy, sociology/social sciences and psychology is considered strongly advantageous.
  • Experience in on-line tuition is considered strongly advantageous.

Main Accountabilities & Key Metrics

Based on assessment of client’s abilities, language proficiency level, personal traits, needs and expectations to:

  • Provide tailored language study programmes on per client basis.
  • Generate clear, per programme (1, 3, 6, 12 months) study plans encompassing main objectives and expected deliverables in close cooperation with the management.
  • Stick to the plan and deliver the results, which will be measured by the client satisfaction survey at the end of each programme.
  • Carry out regular (i.e. monthly, bi-monthly or mid-term) client knowledge progress checks, which may serve as a basis for correcting the study plan when/if needed.
  • Keep tidy and timely per client records of all lessons as explained during the induction training.
  • Create engaging study materials utilizing Power Point and PDF to enrich the client study experience.
  • Record per client lessons in WebEx when/if required as explained during the induction training.
  • Request feedback at the end of each lesson to timely capture and proactively resolve any arising issues as explained during the induction training.
  • Channel through the client’s feedback to other main business stakeholders in a timely fashion (i.e. after each lesson) to decide proactively on new course of action when/if needed and as explained during the induction training.

Technical System Requirements & Computer Literacy

  • Sturdy internet connectivity (i.e. broadband/LAN/Wi-Fi with 10Mbps for download & upload preferred)
  • Web cam and head-set availability
  • Strong computer applications knowledge (i.e. MS Office: Power Point, PDF, MS Word)

Please send your CV to:


  •   London +44 (20) 360-804-53  (English, Russian, German)
  •   Moscow +7 (499) 609-42-02   (English, Russian) 

You may also book an appointment with a consultant to get the information on all services of our company.

We will make our best efforts to respond as soon as possible!