Group online lessons

Languages to study: English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, French, Italian, etc.


The individual online learning is very effective. However, our group online lessons do have considerable merits such as:

  • Much lower per 60min. rates.
  • Group dynamics (competitive spirit, experience sharing, getting inspired by classmate results).
  • Structured learning programme.
  • Clearly defined duration of the learning programme.
  • Getting together with the like-minded people.
  • Full post-sale support.
  • We offer semi-individual and group courses, online master classes and webinars.

Semi-individual online learning

  • Unique foreign language learning methodology that combines both individual and group online learning experience.
  • Experience the dynamism and the competitive spirit of the group online learning, whilst benefiting from the personal approach and tailor-made individual online learning.
  • This methodology have already assisted many clients to improve dramatically their foreign language skills. We are sure we can help you too.

Types of group online courses on offer

Group online lessons

  • Extremely effective and proven format of learning foreign languages in mini-groups of 2, 3 and 4-6 people.
  • Structured and competitive pricing dependent on the mini-group size.

Learn more about the group online lessons for schoolchildren

We train students to SPEAK and COMMUNICATE in English and other languages in a completely immersive environment provided by the best native speaking tutors through fun and exciting activities.

Watch the short video on group online lessons in mini-groups for schoolchildren:

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What do you need to take part in the online lessons?


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