What is Coaching?

About coaching. Differences between coaching and other services. Responsibilities of the client and the coach. Types of coaching. Samples of coaching requests.

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.” (Timothy Gallwey)

What is coaching?

  • A way of achieving results without stress
  • A way of raising levels of awareness and responsibility
  • A way of tapping into the very best in people
  • A way of bringing balance to life

The main goal of coaching is not to teach anything, but to stimulate self-learning, so that during the coaching process the client will identify and seek out the knowledge needed for their path.

Differences between coaching and other services

The main difference between coaching and other types of consulting, training and mentoring, is that the coach does not give out advice or recommendations, but helps the client to find their own solutions.

Differences between coaching and …

… Consulting

A consultant is an expert in a specialized field such as technology, marketing or finance. When you hire a consultant, you expect answers to specific questions, advice and recommendations, action plans and practical help in integrating solutions.

A coach is not an expert in a specialized field and does not give advice, but motivates the client to find solutions which are right for them individually, through an understanding of the specifics of their character.

… Training

The task of a trainer is to teach the client a new behaviour by means of demonstration, practice and then appraisal. In a training session you are told what to do and how to do it; in a coaching session you yourself choose both the solution and the method for achieving it.

The role of a coach is to help you to discover your own personal resources and true potential.

… Mentoring

Mentoring is one of the ways of transferring knowledge from someone with wide experience to one with less experience. People usually choose mentors who have walked the path which they desire to follow, and who are willing to share their experiences with a beginner.

 A coach does not impose their opinions or share their experience with a client, but stimulates them to find their own, individual path.

… Psychology

Psychology and psychotherapy are deep healing techniques, aimed at solving problems which have been caused by emotional traumas in the past.

Coaching is for the main part focused on the present and the future, on the realization of personal dreams, the achieving of life goals, and the creation of positive results in personal life and at work. Traditional psychotherapy for the most part works with the subconscious part of the person; coaching works with the conscious part of the self. The goal of coaching is to raise the levels of awareness and responsibility in the client.

The responsibilities of the client and the coach

1)      The client should be ready for change, and prepared to implement the decisions which are made during the sessions.

2)      The coach is responsible for the process, the client is responsible for the results.

3)      The client is the expert who has all of the solutions. The coach helps the client to widen their perspective, to comprehend issues which they are struggling with, to examine questions from different points of view and much more.

4)      If the client does not work during the sessions, there won’t be any results.

5)      Real results can be achieved only through a true partnership between the coach and the client.

Types of Coaching

Coaching can be divided into three main groups:

Business Coaching. This type of coaching is aimed at achieving the professional and personal goals of the client within the context of their business or organization. The goal of this kind of coaching might be an improvement in the results or KPIs of the business, or the professional development of the client.

Personal or Life Coaching . Personal coaching involves working towards the achievement of goals in any and all areas of the client’s life, from personal life, career, finding their true calling, to language coaching.

Corporate Coaching. Corporate coaching is focused on achieving set goals or finding solutions to problems in the interests of a company. As a result of the implementation of corporate coaching, everyone comes out a winner: the employees of the company obtain a sense of perspective, clarity as to the direction of the company, a big boost in self-confidence and support for their initiatives. The managers benefit from a team of loyal, motivated and effective employees. The positive effect of a corporate coaching program inevitably leads to a company increasing its financial returns.

Samples of coaching requests:

  • Help finding new ways of solving problems
  • Help in creating structures and systems
  • Help with putting thoughts in order
  • Help organizing work projects
  • Help working out plans of action
  • Help working out strategies for achieving goals
  • Help in organizing priorities
  • Help finding time for …
  • Help seeing new perspectives
  • Help with making correct choices
  • Help in drawing conclusions

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