Study in secondary and boarding schools of the UK and Switzerland

Art of Learning International will assist you in choosing the appropriate secondary and/or private boarding schools in the UK and Switzerland according with your requirements

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  • We will provide you with full support before entering and during the student’s studying at secondary and boarding schools in the UK and Switzerland.
  • Studying in and graduating from prestigious, private boarding schools will help the student to enter best universities world-wide.
  • We are providing guardianship services.


 When do you need to start preparing for entering the private boarding schools?

  • The student must start preparing well in advance of one’s entering the private boarding schools in the UK and Switzerland (i.e. minimum 1 year before trying to enter the boarding school).
  • For example, if the student wants to join the private boarding school in September 2016, one needs to start the preparation in September 2015.
  • We can help your children to resolve most of the issues on this path to become successful in their studying and preparation.
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What is the best age for students to enter the private boarding schools in the UK and Switzerland?

  • International students can start studying in private boarding schools from the following ages: 7, 11, 13 or 16.
  • The most important prerequisite for entering the private boarding schools in the UK or Switzerland is the very good command of both conversational and written English for the student to be able to study subjects in English effectively.

Preparation for entering the private boarding schools in the UK and Switzerland: what do we recommend to take care of in the first place?

  1. You may consider placing your child into the language schools in the UK or Switzerland, during the summer or other holidays. >>>Read more…<<<
  2. There are international educational centres where your children will be able to improve their foreign language skills and try out studying common secondary school subjects in English such as mathematics, chemistry, arts, biology, sciences, etc.
  3. You may want placing your child into the language, sports, arts, etc. summer camps in the UK, where over 50% of the participants are English speaking. Thus, the student will be able to improve one’s conversational skills in English.
  4. There are exciting leadership development programmes in various countries around the world where the schoolchildren have the opportunity to communicate in English round the clock, participate in seminars on self-development conducted by famous coaches, get involved in the implementation of leadership projects, become group leaders for a week, scrutinise the outcomes and discover ways for improvement under the supervision of the experienced coaches, take part in sport activities and travelling, work on communication skills’ development, etc.  The demographics in such programmes are as follows: 94% of the participants come from such countries as the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the rest comes from elsewhere. >>>Read more…<<<
  5. You may want your child to participate in the integration programme into the UK secondary school for 1-7 weeks.  >>>Read more…<<<
  6. We would strongly advise you to consider the international educational centres for schoolchildren for a full academic year: GCSA, IB and A-levels, as a great means to improve English, try out studying general secondary schools subjects in English and according with the UK educational system in mini-groups of 3-5 people. This experience is invaluable for those who want to enter the prestigious private boarding schools or universities in the UK.  >>>Read more…<<<

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