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111Languages to study:

  • English
  • German
  • Chinese
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • French, etc.
Age:Schoolchildren (7-17 y.o.) and adults
Language knowledge level:A1 (Beginner) - C2 (Proficiency)
Proficient, cetified tutors from around the globe:• Native speakers from different countries
We guarantee:• Personal approach to each student/client
• High quality of service
• Efficiency of service
• High value at reasonable rates

Advantages of the individual online lessons: 

• You can't be bothered waiting for your turn to speak up in group lessons?• Individual online lessons are tailored to your needs as 100% of tutor's time is dedicated to teach only you.
• Are you disappointed by the group programme?• Individual programme is tailored to your specific requirements.
• Your foreign language skills improvement is too slow in a group environment?• Set your objectives and march on achieving them with a help of your personal tutor.
• You don't want to waste your time on commuting to your tutor?• Study comfortably from your home, office or hotel anywhere in the world.
• You want to be taught by the native speaker tutors?• We work with certified native speaker tutors and train them to our quality standards in-house, which brings about the high level of service and positive, long run results for our clients.


3 unique service packages


  • different service levels,
  • competitive pricing,
  • and tailored content

Choose service package:
Short description:
Lessons and conversational sessions with the native speakers via Skype.Comprehensive approach to learning foreign languages with a help of WebEx – the interactive, professional online system.Coaching approach to learning foreign languages with a help of WebEx – the interactive, professional online system.
Software used:SkypeWebEx- the interactive, professional online system.WebEx- the interactive, professional online system.
Tutor professional experience level:1-3 yrs.3-10 yrs.10-20 yrs.
Exam preparation:Yes (to some extent)Yes (IELTS, Cambridge, TOEFL)Yes (IELTS, Cambridge, TOEFL)
Lessons recordings:N/AYes Yes
Lingua-coaching sessions:N/AN/AYes
Samples of study topics:• English or any other featured language for communication (schoolchildren and adults): conversational lessons with native speakers on rich variety of study topics.
• English or any other featured language for tourism: at the airport, hotel, restaurant, shop, etc.
• Lessons based on films, news and reading books.
• Lessons based on interesting language communication courses.
• Improving all foreign language skills (i.e. speaking, listening & comprehension, writing, reading, grammar and pronunciation).
• Preparation for the language exams.
• All options included in Silver as well as:
• Language training for specific needs and requirements.
• Preparation for taking part in conferences, trade shows, trainings and seminars.
• Preparation for various language tests.
• Preparation for the entry into universities abroad.
• Foreign languages for different trades (aircraft pilots, doctors, marketing professionals, finance professionals, lawyers, psychologists, coaches, etc.)
• Business topics (presentation skills, negotiation skills, business writing, business ethics, participation in conferences).
• Cross-cultural communication and other topics tailored to your specific requirements.
• All options included in Silver & Gold as well as:
• Breaking the language barrier.
• Help in finding the language practice opportunities.
• Work with your motivation.
• Help in improving your time management skills.
• Practical aspects of psychology with regards to learning languages.
• Developing your communication skills.
• Developing your self-study skills.
• Improving your memory to increase the language learning efficiency.
• Defining you personal style of learning and choosing most effective tools.
• Creating the most effective language learning strategy tailored to your specific requirements.
Minimal rate per lesson (60mins)::from £15
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from £28
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from £30
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 Please, read an article on the “Benefits of using the online video-conferencing and interactive systems for learning foreign languages” (Gold and Platinum).

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