Individual Online Learning

service11)  “One of the most important outcomes from studying at Art of Learning Int Ltd. has been my regained ability to set Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely objectives, when studying English. Before that, I would just focus on the process of studying, not understanding fully my reasons for studying the language. At Art of Learning Int Ltd., prior the start of each study module, I had a coaching session with my personal coach. During the coaching session, we would reflect on achievements and difficulties, discuss and develop plans for the next module, pinpoint the areas for additional focus, etc. All-in-all, the study process was not only effective, but also motivational, interesting and exciting.” Read more…  Elena Tolstykh, Finance manager

2)  “I took on the individual online lessons (category: Gold) and started from the pre-intermediate level. When I just began my studies, I was anxious of not being able to get the positive results from the process. Despite my “gremlins” and, due to the personal support and coaching sessions from Art of Learning International, I was inspired to achieve the set targets. I would like to express my sincere gratitude towards the team and my English tutor Evgenia in particular for the personal, tailor-made approach to my learning. I do plan to continue studying, as learning English has become the integral part of my life…” 🙂 Inna Tsivileva, Director of the design furniture outlet “Comfort Hall Cardinale”

3) “What I liked best about this company is that they provide tailor-made services and truly care about their clients. They showed me the way to weave English learning into my dreams! For me it was the true revelation and big inspiration to achieve true progress in learning the language.” Read more… Tatiana Altynova-Garcia, Owner of the restaurant in Paris, “Bistro Da-Niet”

4) “Thank you very much for your lessons. My daughter is very happy. The practicality of the lessons is the key. We want to continue studying! Tatiana Kaminskaya

Group Online Learning


1) “I started to use English on a daily basis i.e. picked out and bought the guitar in London, recorded and sang a song in English, went through an interview and found a good job in London, etc. This is the foremost indication of the group online learning effectiveness delivered by Art of Learning International.” Mikhail Chukanov

2) “Taking group online learning courses at Art of Learning International, I was able to develop a taste to using English in my daily life as often as possible. I am eager to continue honing my English skills and learn other languages. I am planning to start studying German soon.” Milana Bogdanova, Project Coordinator at “Love Zone”

3) “Thank you very much! We found the format of the lessons very useful. We hope to continue studies in mini-groups starting from September. We shall keep in touch!” Dimitry

Language Courses Internationally

service31) “The team at Art of Learning International have proved to be very professional and experienced on the international education market. They have provided us with the tailor-made solution to our needs. Our son is preparing himself to enter the university in England. It is a challenging task, as he needs to go through a rigorous preparation process i.e. learning secondary school subjects in English, etc. Art of Learning International have advised us on taking the right path and suggested to enter a specialized language school in London, where our son have been able to improve his English skills dramatically. We also take individual and group online lessons at Art of Learning International with native speaking certified tutors of English. We have been assured by the practicality of studying and great results that our son will definitely enter the university in England without any problems. Thank you very much Art of Learning International for taking great care of us!” Natalia Maslennikova

2) “I was placed for 4 weeks in a good quality language school right in the centre of London (i.e. Convent Garden). The prices were very competitive. Keeping their advertised promise, Art of Learning International charged me at the language school rates i.e. no mark-ups added.  In Moscow it is impossible to find such competitive offers with the great value for money. Additionally, Art of Learning International provided me with the family homestay accommodation in London that I liked very much. All tutors in the language school were native speaking, certified specialists. All-in-all, I relished my educational trip to London with Art of Learning International, as I was able to improve my English skills and explore London and other parts of the UK at a fraction of price I would have spent with Russian agencies otherwise. I was completely satisfied with Art of Learning International quality of service and would recommend them to anyone who wants to have a memorable educational trip to the UK and London in particular.” Olga Popova, Deputy Chief Accountant at Viking Supply LLC

Lingua-coaching, coaching and consulting sessions


1) “My objective was not only to improve my English skills, but also to organize the learning process in such a way that would motivate me through and through. Irina Bondarchuk from Art of Learning International was my personal coach to help me achieve the defined objectives. We started from evaluating my current situation and motivational status. Then, we moved on exploring my foreign language needs in depth. In coaching sessions, Irina was asking meaningful, open-ended questions that assisted me to realize my inner potential, unlock the desire to learn and find reasons to continue improving my English skills. I must admit, – the coaching sessions from Art of Learning International helped me a lot in keeping the motivation on the high, whilst achieving my objectives in English. Thank you Irina and Art of Learning International for your meaningful, holistic services!”  Elena Eliseeva, Chief Accountant at Acronis Ltd.

2) “I never realised that coaching could be so effective until I met Andrej Karaban from Art of Learning International. I wanted to improve my English to a level of competency that would allow me to get a qualified job in London. With a help of Andrej’s coaching sessions, I was able to set smart and achievable objectives in learning the language as well as realise my strengths and weaknesses. Also, I was able to construct the well presented CV in English suitable for the UK market. Art of Learning International professional and certified native speaking tutors of English trained me intensively for over 6 months before I was satisfied with my level of English to be able to apply for jobs in London. The outcome of the learning journey with Art of Learning International was my success in finding a suitable job in London. Andrej, thank you very much for your coaching and support so far; very inspirational indeed.” Mikhail Chukanov, Sales Manager at IMO Ltd.