Silver: foreign languages via Skype

Skype Sessions

Service package:Silver
Short description:
Lessons and conversational sessions with the native speakers via Skype.
Languages to study:
English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, French, Italian, etc.
Samples of study topics:• English or any other featured language for communication (schoolchildren and adults): conversational lessons with native speakers on rich variety of study topics.
• English or any other featured language for tourism: at the airport, hotel, restaurant, shop, etc.
• Lessons based on films, news and reading books.
• Lessons based on interesting language communication courses.
• Improving all foreign language skills (i.e. speaking, listening & comprehension, writing, reading, grammar and pronunciation).
• Preparation for the language exams.
Tutor professional experience level:1-3 yrs.
Included in the programme:• Free expert advice
• Language skills test
• Personal account management
• Matching client/student with suitable language tutor
• Creation of the tailored study programme
Sample video:Watch the video...
Price List:See full Price List


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