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Service:Group online lessons for adults
Lessons format:Online;

Lessons are delivered with a help of the professional, interactive software specifically designed for group and individual online learning, meetings and collaboration i.e. WebEx:

• Creates the atmosphere of the real, face-to-face lesson with the tutor.
• Provides video-conferencing features.
• Up to 25 people can speak and transmit video simultaneously.
• Allows uploading and delivering Power Point presentations, any other documents in Word or PDF format.
• Interactive white board availability.
• Watch video and listen to audio files.
• Chat functionality.
• All lessons are recorded (students can watch lesson recordings before the next lesson and complete their homework electronically).
Location:Anywhere in the world with a sturdy internet connectivity
Age:No limitations
Language knowledge level:A1-C2 (from Elementary to Advanced)
Number of students per group:max. 4-6
Time of year:All year round
Tutors:• Certified, professional native speaking tutors
Languages to study:English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, French, Italian, etc.
Topics:• Developing conversational skills with the native speaking tutor.
• Preparation for the educational trip to London.
• Revision and strengthening progress after the educational trip to London.
• Improving the writing skills in English, creative wiring techniques.
• Reading books in English, discussions, essay writing and skills development.
• Improving listening & comprehension through film watching, TV programmes watching, audio books, dialogues, radio, etc.
• Preparation for language exams (IELTS, TOEFL, FCE, etc.).
Programmes:1. Intensive 90mins: £270/mon. (3 times/w., 12 times/mo.)
2. Intensive 60mins: £224/mo. (3 times/w., 12 times/mo.)
3. Standard 90mins: £174/mo.(2 times/w., 8 times/mo.)
4. Standard 60mins: £120/mo. (2 times/w., 8 times/mo.)
5. Supportive 90mins: £93/mo. (1 time/w., 4 times/mo.)
6. Supportive 60mins: £66/mo. (1 time/w., 4 times/mo.)
7. Rates for mini-groups of 2-3 people and individual online lessons
Pay:Choose the right option, push «Add to Cart» button, choose the number of months and push «Update». To pay with the payment card or via PayPal push «Checkout» and choose the right option to effect payment.

Choose programme:

ATTENTION:We can create a tailor-made programme according with your specific requirements. Please, enquire us at your earliest convenience and we will be happy to assist you.

Main advantages of our approach:

1. We take personal care of our staff’s high level of professionalism, which reflects in a great quality of service and positive, long run results for our students/clients in the foreign languages learning.
2. To make sure our tutors perform at all times, we provide them with opportunities for qualification upgrades and training.
3. Do you know the difference between the qualified and unqualified language tutor? Anyone can start teaching languages nowadays. However, not every tutor can organize the academic process in a way allowing the student/client to reach set objectives in agreed time frames with positive, sustainable, and long run results.
4. We take time to determine the level of language knowledge, drives, motivation, strengths & weaknesses and exact needs of our clients to select the suitable language programme.
5. The interactive online system allows us to make the learning process exciting and rewarding through using such tools as the video and audio conferencing, interactive white board, and vivid presentations all in one virtual room.
6. We do not recommend our clients to learn languages via Skype. The lessons are not recorded on Skype. Therefore, it is almost impossible to assure high standards of quality of service.
7. We always record our lessons. Our students have access to the archive of the recorded lessons to be able to learn more effectively through reflection.
8. We create student cards or group cards that contain exhaustive information on each lesson. Our students are granted access to this information.
9. Every lesson starts from revision of the learned materials. We conduct the term mini-exams and provide regular feedback.
10. Getting through the particular study programme, we make sure that our students/clients have exposure to different native speaking tutors from the UK, US, Australia, etc. to learn to understand different accents.
11. We provide free trial lessons to our potential students/clients to make sure they make the right choice before they enrol and pay for our services.
13. Anyone can book individual online and offline lessons with their favourite tutor. In fact, it is very effective to combine both group and individual online sessions with our tutors.

We are based in London

More value-added services on offer:

  • We are the official agent of the rich variety of language schools in the UK and worldwide. We help our students/clients to choose the right language school according with your specific requirements at no extra cost. Our promise is that you will pay same fees as if you book directly with the language school. It means no hidden commissions or mark-ups from our side.
  • We offer integration programmes in the UK secondary schools. This is the unique, practical experience for those having the higher intermediate level of English and desiring not only to improve their language skills further, but also to learn more about the British secondary education system from within. For some, this may become the pathway to completing the UK’s GCSE and A-levels to enter the university.
  • We provide homestay opportunities in London.
  • Our clients may want to take part in various educational leadership programmes internationally.

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