We are convinced that people can attain true liberty, self-sufficiency, and happiness through serving the Highest Good and society. As we understand it, serving the Highest Good and society means gaining knowledge and applying it to practice. Consequently, this may lead us to understanding of the purpose of our being.


Learning is a life-long process. The process of obtaining true knowledge is the authentic “soup” for the soul.  Our task is to create the favourable conditions for promoting self-learning and self-awareness, structuring all aspects of life, nurturing talent, studying languages and traditions of many countries by combining the efforts of all stakeholders in the learning process viz. customers, partners, coaches and business administrators. As a result, this may lead all participants in the process to realizing the fundamental values in life and attaining inner harmony.


  • Nurturing wisdom and prudence. To foster a deep understanding of the essence of man, things and life’s circumstances in order to make correct decisions and achieve positive results in life with minimum contribution of time and effort.
  • Strengthening fortitude. To cultivate patience, endurance, humbleness, respectfulness, and the ability to control fear in face of uncertainties.
  • Raising temperance. To practise self-control and moderation.
  • Justice. Comes about as a derivative of practising all of the above and is expressed in serving the Highest Good through fostering mutual understanding, mutual respect, and mutually beneficial cooperation.



  • Ensuring transparency in doing business with partners, clients, personnel and public organizations.


  • Practising ancient knowledge in contemporary settings both in our personal lives and whilst collaborating with partners and clients.
  • Not reinventing a “wheel”, but using the ancient wisdom of humanity that is contained in Holy Scriptures, philosophical tractates, and science literature.
  • Not imposing but co-creating.
  • Not belonging to any religious movements, civil movements and political parties.

Right Effort

  • Investing in human capital as the most precious aspect of any business success.
  • Creating favrourable conditions for self-realization and talent nurturing.
  • Not doubling effort in anything we do.
  • Delegating responsibilities to tackle various tasks if only absolutely necessary.

High Quality and Effectiveness

  • Providing high quality, effective services to our clients does not require aggressive promotion, pushing and advertising.
  • Striving to understand the needs of our partners and clients through personal interviews, questionnaires, and coaching to supply them with tailor-made, high quality and effective services.

Collaboration and Synergy

  •  We are convinced that competitive rivalry is meaningless as opposed to the all encompassing benefits of the cooperation, team work and partnering.

Financial Sustainability

  • We are always honouring our financial obligations to our personnel, partners and public institutions in a precise and timely fashion.
  • We are ensuring cash flow adequacy at all times.
  • Running the debt free business model and reinvesting profits in further business development and stakeholders’ education.
  • Our main task is to create favourable conditions for mutually beneficial cooperation; profiting from doing business is a secondary yet important matter.


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