Gold: comprehensive approach to learning languages


Service package:Gold
Short description:Comprehensive approach to learning foreign languages with a help of WebEx – the interactive, professional online system.
Languages to study:English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, French, Italian, etc.
Samples of study topics:• All options included in Silver as well as:
• Language training for specific needs and requirements (i.e. IELTS, CAE, FCE, etc.).
• Preparation for taking part in conferences, trade shows, trainings and seminars.
• Preparation for various language tests.
• Preparation for the entry into universities abroad.
• Foreign languages for different trades (aircraft pilots, doctors, marketing professionals, finance professionals, lawyers, psychologists, coaches, etc.)
• Business topics (presentation skills, negotiation skills, business writing, business ethics, participation in conferences).
• Cross-cultural communication and other topics tailored to your specific requirements.
Software used::WebEx- the interactive, professional online system.
Tutor professional experience level:5+ yrs.
Included in the programme:• Free expert advice
• Language skills test
• Personal account management
• Matching client/student with suitable language tutor
• Creation of the tailored study programme
• Personal profile creation in our system with structured access to relevant study materials
• Personal student card highlighting discussed topics and homework materials
• Induction training on using WebEx and the personal profile
• Lessons recordings
• Assistance in finding language skills practice opportunities
• Access to the online library materials and resources for your language practice
• Access to the online library with adapted, original and audio books
Lesson Video Sample:Check on the sample lesson...
Price List:See full Price List

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