Client testimonial for online language courses: “I would like to express my gratitude towards Art of Learning International team for creating very effective online language courses in English. You made my learning experience bright, motivating and exciting at all respects!”

When I just signed up for the online English listening course with Art of Learning International, I did not expect it to be so interesting, effective, and useful. My sincere commends to the team for making the online English listening course meaningful and essential at all respects.

Main takeaways from the online English listening course:

  • 155185_106404386099750_6342610_nListening and speaking are closely connected. It is very important not only to listen attentively, but also to read out loud the materials in English. During the process, one develops his/her speech faculty. The more material one reads out loud, the better the pronunciation becomes.
  • I learned about the matrix methodology of learning English by N. F. Zamiatkin. Now, I listen and read out loud the dialogues in English according with the methodology.Listening can be as exciting as reading, if you make it a habitual exercise. The most important thing is to organise well your time, environment, and materials. During the course, I discovered wealth of sources for my listening exercises in English such as radio, audio and video podcasts, audiobooks, audio guides, radio performances, films, TV serials, etc. Before the course, I missed out on many opportunities for learning. The most effective and interesting ways to develop my listening skills in English are radio, audiobooks, recorded audio dialogues, audio and video podcasts. I created a formidable wish-list of films to watch in English. Gradually, I make listening exercises in English my habitual, daily routine.
  • I started to discern the difference between the extensive and intensive ways of listening. I learned to manage my time effectively and relish both ways of developing my language skills.
  • Еще одно интересное открытие – после курса по слушанию я стала воспринимать больше слов на слух. Я вижу новые слова при чтении, запоминаю их в контексте книги, а затем легко воспринимаю их при слушании материалов на эту тему. Это здорово!
  • Additionally, I discovered that after the course I started to understand more spoken words in English. My memory improved. I can improve my vocabulary through reading a book and understand new words easily whilst doing my daily listening exercises.

I would like to express my gratitude towards Art of Learning International team for creating very effective online language courses in English. You made my learning experience bright, motivating and exciting at all respects!

Elena Tolstykh, Finance Manager


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