For schoolchildren and students (9-17)

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Our services are designed for both individuals and groups

  • Languages to learn: English, German, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Italian, French, Japanese.

Individual Online Learning

Our tutors are mostly native speakers. We shall tailor the learning process according with your specific needs and requirements.

Your foreign language learning goals may be as follows,

  • Preparation for language exams such as Cambridge, IELTS, TOEFL, etc.
  • Preparation for entering boarding schools in the UK, Switzerland (i.e. where schools subjects are taught in English, French or German).
  • Preparation for entering universities and colleges in the UK, Switzerland, Germany, France, etc.
  • Preparation for educational trips internationally (e.g. to the UK, Switzerland, Germany, France, Russia, China, etc.).
  • Additional requirements and needs of your liking.

We offer three service types:  Silver, Gold and Platinum

Group Online Learning

Art of Learning Int Ltd. team have been working hard to develop an array of very practical language courses to teach different language skills. Often, the learning of foreign languages (e.g. English, etc.) is perceived by students as an academic routine not connected with real life experiences. What we are trying to achieve, is to make the learning process exciting at all respects through interesting radio/TV programmes, watching educational films, reading books for leisure, communicating with friends from different countries, etc. This is all done to switch students habits from detrimental to beneficial viz. instead of procrastination on the internet or the sofa in front of the TV, our students learn languages in a fun and thought-provoking environment, whether online or face-to-face with the tutor.

We also teach groups (both adults and schoolchildren) to get prepared for the international language exams such as Cambridge, IELTS, TOEFL, etc.

To learn individually with your tutor is the most effective way to make fast progress in the foreign language. However, our group online courses have merits on their own such as:

  • Cost effectiveness.
  • Group dynamics (e.g. healthy competitiveness, experience sharing, inspiration from positive results of group participants).
  • Structured study programme.
  • Clear milestones and deadlines.
  • Building life-long bonds with like-minded people.
  • After course support.

Unique educational trips to London


You shall learn English in London outside of the conventional class room environment. We have developed educational programmes that allow students to immerse themselves into the fascinating world of practising their English skills in a natural environment under supervision of experienced, native speaking tutors. You will have your kicks taking interviews on the streets of London, making purchases in stores, asking for directions in museums and parks, etc. This is how you break the language barrier!

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Cultural exchange and integration into British schools


We offer a unique programme of the cultural exchange and integration into British schools all over the UK (e.g. London, Brighton, Eastbourne, etc).

  • You have got the opportunity to spend from 1 day to 4 weeks in a British secondary school.
  • You will have an allocated British buddy, who we will assist you throughout the programme. The buddy will accompany you as you attend various classes e.g. mathematics, geography, sports, music, etc.
  • The programme’s purpose is to enhance the communication skills in English in a friendly and exciting atmosphere of the intercultural exchange and communication.
  • The programme is the ultimate tool for language barrier breaking.
  • The programme is designed for the students with the upper-intermediate level of English.

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Let us assist you in choosing suitable language schools in the UK and all over the world!


1) Summer schools and camps internationally.

2) All-year-round language schools internationally.

3) Family schools for schoolchildren/students (3 months – 18 y.o.) and their parents. Read more….

4) Long term language programmes (from 2 months to 1 academic year) to get prepared to enter the boarding schools in the UK.. Read more….

5) Programmes to enter universities and colleges in the UK. Read more….


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