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Educational trips to London for schoolchildren and students (10-17)

Get your unforgettable, positive impressions from educational trips to London with Art of Learning Int Ltd. !

  • City: London
  • Group size: 10+1
  • Suitable for: closed groups of schoolchildren/students with group leaders
  • Age limits: 10-17
  • Lodging: homestay accommodation or hotels 2-3*


We call them “Learning Holidays”…

School name:Art of Learning International
Accommodation:Homestay or hotel
Language level:A1-C2 (from Elementary to Advanced)
Group size:min. 10 people + 1 group leader
Time of year:All year round
Tutors:Certified, native speaking tutors
"5 in 1" service may include:1. Interactive English ("Life English").

2. Integration into British schools.

3. English in the language school.

4. Various excursions.

5. Accommodation, full board, group assistance.
Min. rate (programme BRONZE):£600
(for 1 person per 6 nights)
Programme BRONZE includes::1. Welcome meeting in the airport.

2. Transfer (return).

3. Accommodation for 6 nights in the hotel or homestay.

4. Full board.

5. Study programme (5 days): choose from studying in the language school, interactive English ("Life English") or integration into British secondary schools

6. Providing certificates of completion.

7. Study materials

8. Group assistance by the company's representative (i.e. the group leader service from 12.30 to 19.00)

9. Full scale support for the duration of the trip.
Why clients choose our educational services?Because we deliver high quality of service at all times:

•Study English.

•Practise English.

•Break the language barrier.

•Get entertained and relaxed.

•Learn about the culture and history of England.

•Get new valuable skills.

•All in secure and safe environment.

•Accommodation in hotels 2-3* or homestays.

•Full board with healthy options.
ATTENTION:We can create any programme according with your requirements.
Call us on +44 (20) 360-804-53 or write us an email to or register for free advice session now.

Would you agree with the statement – “Language is the means but not the ultimate goal”?

  • If you agree with the statement, then get ready to start using your English skills from day one of your education trip.
  • It is a pity that many people study foreign languages for years before they really start using their language skills for communication.
  • Our educational trips are designed in the way conducive to the practical application of your language skills on the daily basis.

Detailed description of the elements of the education trip

Interactive English or Life English

What do we offer?

1. Practical English lessons outside of the conventional classroom environment taught by the native-speaking, certified tutors of English in accordance with the attested methodology.

  • Have a look at the  PHOTOS from previous Life English educational trips.


Through lessons, we gently invite you to start unlocking your knowledge potential in English and use it to communicate with the native speakers in a safe environment.

  • First, you get your practical preparation sessions with our tutors outside of the conventional classroom environment (i.e. you will get trained in constructing your conversations as applicable to particular circumstances, word usage, etc.)


  • Second, you will get your practical tasks to accomplish. For instance, you may be asked to take interviews with 2-4 locals, whom you will meet in the training area.
    • Then you will have your presentations on the results of the interviews, etc.


What are the immediate benefits for you from the Interactive English programme?

      • You will learn that learning English is not only about studying grammar and enriching the vocabulary, but also about the communication psychology.
      • You will find answers to the following queries:
        • How do I start the conversation with strangers in English?
        • How do I conduct the conversation, so that it is interesting for both parties?
        • How do I finish the conversation, so that everyone is left satisfied with the outcome?
      • You will use and apply all your skills in English to the fullest potential, communicating with natives.
      • You will improve your listening and comprehension skills in English.
      • You will realise your current drawbacks in English, which paves the way to real improvement.
      • You will have you unforgettable kicks and lasting impressions to share with your friends and family once you are back home.
      • Have a look at the PHOTOS from previous Life English educational trips.

 2. Drama Lessons

  •  In drama lessons you will have a chance to unlock your acting skills and other talents in English. The drama lessons are conducted by the real British actor from London.

Integration into British schools

What do we offer?


      • You will get the unique experience of the full immersion into the British educational process in one of the secondary schools in the UK.
        • Duration: from 1 full day to 4 weeks.
      • You will get the indispensable experience of communicating just in English. You will make friends in the UK, with whom you may build lasting relationships for future communication in English via email, Skype, social networks, etc.
      •  You will have a chance to compare your home country’s educational system with the British and share your findings with your British schoolmates, tutors, and parents.
      •  You will have plenty of time to practice your English skills in the native British environment.


What are the immediate benefits for you from the Integration into British schools programme?

      • Practical application of your English skills through communication with your British schoolmates in amicable atmosphere of one of the UK secondary schools.
      • Getting practical experience and hands-on knowledge of the British educational system as compared to your home country.
      • Extending your international contacts network, building lasting friendships, broadening your horizons, and enriching your communication skills in English.
      • You will have plentiful opportunities to continue practising your English skills, when you are back home.
      • Have a look at the PHOTOS from previous integrations.


English in the language school

What do we offer?

      • Depending on your level of English, you will study the language in a group of max. 15 people of the same knowledge level with a help of professional, certified native speaking tutors.
      •  The study programme includes: developing grammar, speaking, writing, listening & comprehension, creating and delivering presentations in English in accordance with your current level of English.


What are the benefits of studying in the language school?

      • Improving your English skills in grammar, speaking, writing, listening & comprehension, presentation.
      • Very practical communication in English with your native speaking language tutor.
      • Enriching your vocabulary.
      • Setting clear and achievable mid- and long run objectives with regards to your foreign language studying and in accordance with your current level of knowledge.

Excursions and other tourist activities

  • After studying, you have to reward yourself and relax by participating in interesting cultural activities and excursions.

What do we offer?

London excursions (2-4 hours) Full day excursions Weekend excursions
Visiting the Tower of London Brighton Lake District
Visiting the Parliament working session Windsor Castle and Stonehenge Scotland
Royal Westminster Tour Bath Ireland
Shakespeare Theatre: “The Globe” Oxford Cornwall Coast
Transport Museum and etc. Cambridge, etc. Wales, etc.

* The above mentioned list of activities and excursions can be modified in accordance with your requirements and our ability to fulfil your wishes.

  • Your group can be accompanied by the English speaking group leader/assistant for a separate fee.

What are the immediate benefits for you from tours and excursions?

      • You will have a chance to learn more about the history of England and London in particular.
      • You will be able to broaden your horizons and visit many interesting, historical places in England.
      • If you visit the English countryside and seaside, you will most definitely relish beautiful landscapes and the fresh breeze from the Atlantic.

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  • London +44 (20) 360-804-53 (English, Russian, German)
  • Moscow +7 (499) 609-42-02 (English, Russian)


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