Preparation for secondary schools and universities entry in the UK (for schoolchildren and students)

If you want to get your child prepared for entering secondary schools and universities of the UK, we can offer you to join the preparation courses in the unique, London-based school. Not only the school offers speaking and communication courses in English, but also the academic English (i.e. secondary school subjects as they taught in English, such as mathematics, physics, etc.). Additionally, your child can get prepared for the international exams.



School name:LISC
City, country:London, UK

• The school is located in a green and safe area of London, not far away from Heathrow, with convenient transport links to central London.
• You will end up studying in the traditional English atmosphere. This area of London is nearby the infamous Richmond Park, Kew Gardens, Wimbledon and Hampton Court Palace, which you will have to visit on any of the weekends.
Study programmes on offer:For adults:
• General and Spoken English
• Business English
• Academic English
• Situational English for different activities
• English for parents and children

For children and teens:
• Intensive English (all year round)
• Academic English
• Preparation for exams (A-Level, GCSE, university entry)
• Holiday English
• Group courses of English
Age:•0-5 nursery (accompanied by parents)
•6-19 schoolchildren and students (up to14 y.o. must be accompanied by parents, or the guardian which can be arranged by the school on parent's request)
Dates:All year round
Language knowledge level:A1-C2
• Homestay
• Student residence
• Hotel
• Private apartments for families
Centre facilities:• Computer rooms with internet access
• Leisure lounge
• School cafeteria
Number of lessons per week:• from 10-15 lessons for adults
• from 25 lessons for schoolchildren and students
Number of students per classroom:max. 8
Duration:1-12 weeks
Exam preparation:IELTS, ESOL и Cambridge
Professional qualification of tutors:• Professional EFL tutors (certified TEFL, CELTA, DELTA)
• All tutors for the academic subjects have university degrees in pedagogy and are qualified examiners in particular disciplines
Standard programme price level:• from £121 / week for adults
• from £365 / week for schoolchildren and students (see below the detailed price list)
Schoolchildren/students package includes: • Lessons from 9am to 5pm, games, activities, sport, master-classes, communication
• 25 lessons of English per week
• Homework and progress monitoring
• Daily master-classes on study skills
• Daily tutor consulting sessions
• Presentations, debates, blogging skills
• International atmosphere, great nationalities mix
• Course certificate upon completion
Supplementary services:Registration fee: £100
Activities and excursions on Saturdays: £30 per person
Guardianship for children up to 14 y.o.: £100 per week
Security deposit (for children): £200 per week
Visa letter (by express mail): £50
Exam fees: from £60 to £100 per exam
Transfers: from £70 one way
Homestay accommodation: from £200 per week
Supplementary lessons (e.g. music): £35-48 per hour
Books: £5-25 per book

School timetable sample

schedule EAT

Intensive English

  • 25 lessons per week (with possibility of one-to-one sessions).
  • Regular homework, tests, presentations, and discussions.
  • Language knowledge level – A1-C2.
  • Well organized full day from 9am to 5pm, with breaks for homework reviews, linguistic, table and sport games.
  • Harmonious development of 4 essential language sills: speaking/listening, comprehension, reading and writing.
  • One-to-one sessions with tutor for progress monitoring.

Academic programme + English

  • 15 lessons of English and 16 school subjects in English per week (with possibility of one-to-one sessions).
  • Regular homework and tests.
  • Science laboratory experiments.
  • First rate opportunity to get prepared to enter secondary schools and universities in the UK.
  • Get to know the English educational system and methodology.
  • Groups of max. 5 students.
  • Full focus on personal needs of each student.
  • Constant progress monitoring and mentoring.
  • Students learn subject terminology in English.
  • Learning and exam-taking skills development.
  • Building personal and academic confidence.
  • Guaranteed progress in academic subjects.

Price list for the schoolchildren

Programmes:Type and number of lessons (45min/lesson):Price p. w.:Price per 12 weeks:
EAT (Intensive English programme)25 lessons / 18.75 hours per week£365£4,380
GCSE pre-sessional/academic holiday16 lessons on academic elective (e.g. maths, literature, etc.)£365£4,380
GCSE pre-sessional/academic holiday16 lessons on academic elective (e.g. maths, literature, etc.) and 15 lessons in General English£600£7200
A-Level pre-sessional/academic holiday16 lessons on academic elective (e.g. maths, literature, etc.)£600£7200
A-Level pre-sessional/academic holiday16 lessons on academic elective (e.g. maths, literature, etc.) and 15 lessons in General English£625£7,500
Nursery from 3 months to 5-6y.o. (not less than 4 weeks advance placements)5 times per week£420n/a

Price list for the comprehensive programme for the schoolchildren (i.e. all-inclusive)

Number of weeks:Intensive EnglishEnglish + academic electives(preparation for IGCSE):English + academic electives(preparation for A-level):
1 неделя£825£1020£1085
2 недели
3 недели£2075£2660£2855
4 недели£2664£3424£3678
5 недель£3252£4188£4500
6 недель£3841£4188£5323
7 недель£4429£5716£6145
8 недель£5018£6480£6968
9 недель£6056£7694£8240
10 недель£6695£8508£9113
11 недель£7333£9322£9985

Comprehensive programme (i.e. all-inclusive)

  • Duration of the programme: from 2 weeks to 12 months.
  • Intensive English.
  • Academic electives in English (in group or one-to-one).
  • Preparation for international exams.
  • Lodging in a warm, homestay atmosphere and official guardianship.
  • Sport and cultural activities.
  • All year round availability except Christmas week.

 Accommodation and guardianship

  • Homestay accommodation with experienced and carefully selected families.
  • Unlimited language, social and emotional support.
  • Help in fulfilling homework exercises.
  • Saturday and Sunday activities in homestay families.
  • Lasting friendships development with homestay families.
  • Unlimited internet access.
  • All year round language practice.
  • Round-the-clock emergency support.
  • Constant contact with students, parents, and agents.
  • Lodging and accommodation in a green and safe area of London (Zone 5).

 Sport and cultural activities

  • Choose from abundance of sport and table games, in-school, fitness-club, and park activities.
  • Sport games: tennis, badminton, bowling, squash, swimming, basketball, soccer.
  • Workshops in arts and handmade articles.
  • One-to-one music and tennis workshops with a personal coach.
  • Theme trips according with your interests to the centre of London, Oxford, Windsor, Brighton, etc.
  • Opportunities  to practice English outside of the school environment.
  • Opportunities to have a rest and to learn something new.
  • Making lasting friendships with children from many countries.


Recommended duration of the programme

  • It depends on your plans and capabilities.
  • Language learning: not less than 3 weeks.
  • Academic programme: not less than 3 months.
  • Ezams preparation programme: not less than 3 months.

Recommended timing to enrol

  • 4-6 months before the programme start, especially for those who needs visa to enter the UK.

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  • London +44 (20) 360-804-53 (English, Russian, German)
  • Moscow +7 (499) 609-42-02 (English, Russian)


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