German and  Russian teacher

Native language: German

She teaches professionally: German and Russian

She also speaks: English

Currently lives in Vienna, Austria

Main services: German and Russian lessons

Tamara is a very eager person and working with languages her character comes in handy, because: You live and learn. She meditates a lot on languages, which is a great advantage for teaching. As a teacher as well as an interpreter you have to not only know the language, but also know a lot ABOUT the language.

Tamara studied and finished Slavistic in Vienna, which provide education in a Slavic language as well as in literature, culture and history of the Slavic regions. She has already been working and studying in Moscow two times, each time for a period of 4 and a half months. At the company Meta Communication she translated Russian newspaper articles for other big companies . She also has experience in teaching languages at a language school in Vienna. She especially likes teaching Russian, because she invested many years in learning the language and therefore knows, where difficulties can arise. She quickly realizes, what a certain person individually might need and in order to guarantee an individual approach she takes a lot of time preparing the material. Importantly, she thinks, that making mistakes is normal on any level and must never be a barrier while talking. She tries using only the language, that she`s teaching at the moment and as often as possible explaining the words in the given language.

Tamara loves languages in general and especially Russian. She strives to know everything about it. She loves to translate texts, especially psychological texts, as one of her favourite subjects is Psychologies. She finds it very important for everyone to find in life, what he wishes for and she`s convinced, that it makes the world a better place, when we get the chance (at least mostly) doing  what really interests us and what fits us. Her personal motto is: Everything matches the way it is supposed to be. Every time, when she looks back, she realizes, that this is just the way it is.

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  • London +44 (20) 360-804-53+44 (20) 360-804-53 (English, Russian, German)
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