Platinum: coaching approach to learning languages


Service package:Platinum
Short description:
Holistic approach and tailor-made strategy to learn languages through self-development and with a help of coaching sessions
Languages to study:English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, French, Italian, etc.
Samples of study topics:• All options included in Silver & Gold as well as:
• Breaking the language barrier.
• Help in finding the language practice opportunities.
• Work with your motivation.
• Help in improving your time management skills.
• Practical aspects of psychology with regards to learning languages.
• Developing your communication skills.
• Developing your self-study skills.
• Improving your memory to increase the language learning efficiency.
• Defining you personal style of learning and choosing most effective tools.
• Creating the most effective language learning strategy tailored to your specific requirements.
Software used::WebEx- the interactive, professional online system.
Tutor professional experience level:10-20 yrs.
Included in the programme:• Free expert advice
• Language skills test
• Personal account management
• Matching client/student with suitable language tutor
• Creation of the tailored study programme
• Personal profile creation in our system with structured access to relevant study materials
• Personal student card highlighting discussed topics and homework materials
• Induction training on using WebEx and the personal profile
• Lessons recordings
• Assistance in finding language skills practice opportunities
• Access to the online library materials and resources for your language practice
• Access to the online library with adapted, original and audio books
• Personal Lingua-coaching
• Creation of the strategic plan to attain your language learning objectives
• Personal sessions on motivation and psychological aspects of learning languages
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  • The PLATINUM service package includes coaching sessions with the personal Lingua-coach.
  • The Lingua-coach facilitates with defining the learning strategy, which helps to increase the efficiency of the learning process.
  • To enhance the effectiveness of the learning process, we use lingua-coaching, consulting, psychological sessions, practical sessions with tutors and trainers.
  • Through coaching sessions you will be able to come up with the road map for your learning experience, increase your motivation, break the language barrier, formulate clear and achievable objectives.
  • Your tutor will assist you to learn effectively, improve your memory, devise the strategy to enlarge your vocabulary and improve your grammar.
  • Communicating with the native speaker, you will be able to improve your conversational skills, impromptu speaking skills, understanding of the spoken language, listening skills.

As soon as you define your objectives, you will have to get answers to the following queries with a help of your coach:

  • What is the purpose in learning the foreign language? What are my motives? What will I learn about myself in the process of learning the foreign language? How will this experience influence my life?
  • Do I have realistic expectations of the time frames, as learning the foreign language is the long run process, which hinges on multiple inputs including such as the general health condition, ability to dedicate time to the learning process when needed, etc.? How could I make my learning experience pleasant and exciting?
  • What are my strengths and weaknesses with regards to the learning process? Which habits can inhibit me from learning? Which habits can help me to learn effectively and keep my motivation on the high level?
  • What is the most appropriate learning style in my case? What do I need to pay attention to in the first place to avoid disappointment?

We propose our clients to consider and give honest answers to the above-mentioned questions. This process is used to raise your self-awareness and increase your dependability in life and learning. We make our best efforts to assist you in finding the most effective learning path through tailoring the learning process to your specific requirements.

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