Learn German on the sunny side of Germany

Dialoge offers rofessional German courses in Germany on the historical island of Lindau, Lake Constance in the cradle of the German language. Combine learning German with having great time in the picturesque atmosphere of the ancient traditions and what Lake Constance has to offer in terms of the recreation.

Best way to learn German for those who want to combine both learning and recreation.

  • The school is situated on the picturesque island of Lindau encircled by the mountains and in 30 minutes by boat from Austria and Switzerland.
  • After initial language level testing, the students are being placed in appropriate groups accordingly with their language levels. There are groups with language levels from A2 to C1. At the end of the course, the students are provided with school certificates confirming their German knowledge level.
  • There are such courses as General German, preparation for exams in German, and etc.
  • There are all year round courses for the adults (17+) and summer courses for youth (12+).


Sprach Institut Dialogue Lindau 5 Sprach Institut Dialogue Lindau 8 Sprach Institut Dialogue Lindau 4 Sprach Institut Dialogue Lindau

Study price list

Number of lessons per week




Period А / weekly rate

210.00 €

185.00 €

160.00 €

Period B / weekly rate

210.00 €

185.00 €

 Registration Fee:  150.00 €

Entertainment programmes

  • The language school organises the entertainment programmes under the staff supervision as a minimum 2 times per week and excursions on the weekends. The programmes are being constantly revised and renewed for quality and content purposes.
  • The language school tutors organize and supervise different types of activities such as excursions, mountain walks, sightseeing tours, visiting of the local businesses, congregation dinners, parties and cinema visits. There are both paid for and free activities to choose from i.e. the paid for activities range from 8.00€ to 50.00€

Sprach Institut Dialogue Lindau 14 Sprach Institut Dialogue Lindau 13 Sprach Institut Dialogue Lindau 12 Sprach Institut Dialogue Lindau 15

 Accommodation is available in family homestays, 2 residences or hotels

Family homestays

  • Family homestays shall be considered as the most effective addition to students’ studying, as the language practice continues in the authentic, native speaking, local family environment.
  • Students can choose from single or room sharing options. Normally, in case of sharing, there will stay 2 people in one room.
  • The max. distance to school shall be 20min. by bus.
  • Both breakfast and the hot dinner are included in the price level.

Sprach Institut Dialogue Lindau 24 Sprach Institut Dialogue Lindau 26 Sprach Institut Dialogue Lindau 25 Sprach Institut Dialogue Lindau 27

Family homestays rates:

  • Double room for sharing (max. 2 people) from 04.01 to 2.06 and 13.09 to 19.12: 195.00€/week; from 21.06-12.09: 210.00€/week.
  • Single room from 04.01 to 2.06 and 13.09 to 19.12: 220.00€/week; from 21.06 to 12.09: 235.00€/week.
  • The above prices are subject to change on the part of the school i.e. additional consultations needed prior booking to ascertain the precise price level.

Student residence Westkunste (age limit: 18+):

Sprach Institut Dialogue Lindau 20 Sprach Institut Dialogue Lindau 21 Sprach Institut Dialogue Lindau 22 Sprach Institut Dialogue Lindau 23

  • 5mins. walk to the language school, town centre, railway station and the beach;
  • 100m distance to the lake-front;
  • Free parking space;
  • The residence includes the guest room, communal canteen, kitchen with the integrated dishwasher, TV room, and play room;
  • All rooms have been recently refurbished to a high standard;
  • Communal shower rooms;
  • Air conditioning;
  • Washing machines;
  • Pool, snooker table, table football, and table tennis;
  • Access to computers and cable internet;
  • Telephone and calling cards;

 Westkuste residence price list:

  Period А Period B
04.01. – 20.06.
13.09. – 19.12.
20.06. – 12.09.
Double room (max. 2 people) 85.00 €/week 110.00 €/week
Single room 135.00 €/week 160.00 €/week

Student residence Europaplatz (age limit: 18+):

  Sprach Institut Dialogue Lindau 16 Sprach Institut Dialogue Lindau 17 Sprach Institut Dialogue Lindau 19 Sprach Institut Dialogue Lindau 18       

  • 15mins. walk to the language school, , town centre, railway station and the beach;
  • 100m distance to the lake-front;
  • Public parking space;
  • General area: 300sq.meters;
  • 9 single and double rooms;
  • Guest room, canteen, kitchen with integrated dishwasher, TV room;
  • All rooms have been recently refurbished to a high standard;
  • Communal bathrooms with integrated shower cabins;
  • Air conditioning;
  • Washing machines;
  • Cable internet (WLAN);
  • Room beddings are changed every other week;
  • 2 terraces with the park view;
  Period А Period B
04.01. – 20.06
13.09. – 19.12
20.06. – 12.09
Double room (max. 2 people) 85.00 €/week 110.00 €/week
Single room 135.00 €/week 160.00 €/week

Summer study programmes for youth (12+)

in Lindau

Age limit: 13-16 y.o.


  • for 2 weeks: 29.06., 13.07., 27.07.
  • for 3 weeks: 29.06., 20.07.

German language: 20 lessons/week

Family homestay: FB (3 meals per day)

Price level: 700.00 €/week

at Lake Constance

Age limit: 12-16 y.o.


  • for 1 week: 03.08
  • for 2 weeks: 06.07., 20.07.
  • for 3 weeks: 20.07.

German language: 20 lessons/week

Accommodation in the international student residence: FB (3 meals per day)

Price level: 750.00 €/week

Supplement services:

  • Airport transfers are available from Zurich, Munich, Stuttgart, Memmingen, Friendrichshafen;
  • Transfer prices depend on the arrival place;

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If you have additional queries and requests, you may send them to info@artoflearningint.com We will make our best efforts to respond as soon as possible!


  • London +44 (20) 360-804-53 (English, Russian, German)
  • Moscow +7 (499) 609-42-02 (English, Russian)



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