International language courses

The fastest and the most interesting way of studying the foreign language is to submerge yourself into the foreign language environment.

We will help you to find the suitable language school anywhere in the world and in accordance with your requirements and budget.

There are the following types of services on offer:

  1. Silver (very competitive rates and acceptable level of the foreign language tuition).
  2. Gold (competitive rates and higher than average quality level of the foreign language tuition).
  3. Platinum (competitive high rates, higher than average quality level of the foreign language tuition, and coaching sessions).

Study and practise your foreign language skills anywhere in the world


English: UK, Malta, USA, Canada, Australia

Spanish: Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador

French: France, Canada, Switzerland

German: Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Italian: Italy

Chinese: China

Arabic: Morocco

7 reasons why you got to choose us as your advisor and partner for learning the foreign languages internationally:

  2. TIME SAVING, as you do not need to spend you time going through the tedious process of  picking out the right language school out hundreds of proposals.
  3. WE ARE BASED IN LONDON and  HAVE REPS IN DIFFERENT COUNTRIES.  It means that you will learn about most suitable options at first hand.
  4. WE RECOMMEND LANGUAGE SCHOOLS THAT WE CHECKED ON OURSELVES. It is rather difficult to find the suitable language school on your own in the internet, as every school boasts good quality of services, etc. How can you find out the reality? Both our clients and ourselves have attended courses in many language schools internationally. We have experience and a proven portfolio of good quality language schools all around the world to choose from.
  5. WE SHALL SAFEGUARD YOU FROM MAKING COMMON MISTAKES.  Having wealth of experience in the industry, we will make sure you pick out the right language school, accommodation and activities, all according to your requirements.
  6. WE SHALL PREPARE YOU FOR YOUR EDUCATIONAL TRIP. We will provide you with all the necessary information on the country, culture, accommodation, travelling, and the language school.

Have more questions?

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Enquiring us please indicate the following information i.e. your main objectives, level of knowledge of the foreign language, special requirements with regards to the language school and accommodation (type of service: Silver, Gold, or Platinum). After we get the initial information from you, we shall have a free advice session on Skype to find out more about your intentions and to start searching for the suitable language programme according with your requirements.


  1. You have been learning the foreign language in your country for a long period of time, but your comprehension and speaking skills are still on the low level?
  2. Have you not been satisfied with the level of progress you achieved in learning the foreign language so far?
  3. Have you not been able to break the language barrier up till now?
  4. Have you failed being consistent in learning the foreign language despite multiple attempts to keep learning?
  5. Do you need a breakthrough in your foreign language learning?

If you answered “Yes” to 3 or more questions, then you may want to continue reading further…

Do you know that…?

…according to the Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE), if you want to get from the Pre-intermediate to the Intermediate level, in your home country, it will take you 170 hours of group lessons or 100 hours of home tuition or 70 hours of the foreign language practice.

Let us do some simple calculations!

  • Attending group lessons 2 times per week (2 hours p.w.), you will have to spend 10 months to get to the Intermediate level. Well, this the full academic year worth of studying!
  • However, if you go to study the foreign language in the country of origin of the language and take the intensive language course of 30 hours per week, you will get same results in 1.5 months! Do you see the difference?

Do forget to count in the following costs:

  • 10 months worth of studying the foreign language with the tutor.
  • Travelling and time spent.
  • Study materials e.g. books, CDs, etc.
  • Lost opportunities, as you could earn much more with that foreign language knowledge in your portfolio.
  • Also, do not forget, that you spend considerable sums on your international holidays. Rather, you may have an educational holiday, killing two birds with one stone.

Now, go ahead and calculate the difference in the cost of the language courses i.e. 1.5 months abroad or 10 months at home with the tutor. We deem the results of your calculations do speak for themselves.

5 advantages of studying the foreign language in the language school abroad

  1. You will break the language barrier.
  2. Your motivation will be on the high level.
  3. You will submerge yourself into the country’s culture.
  4. You will be able to combine holidays with studying the foreign language.
  5. You will make friends with people from different countries.

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